Mobile Catering

Ever since our beginning in 1967, Pine Hill Coffee Service Trucks have been cruising around Western New York delivering goods and services to working men and women everywhere.   The mission here was to provide fast and polite service while offering our customers with fresh and delicious meals so that they could spend time enjoying their breaks instead of driving to the coffee shop or packing a lunch. 

At that time, we offered an assortment of home-made doughnuts, sandwich’s and snacks along with fresh brewed coffee and cold soft drinks.  Here we are more than 40 years later we offer a similar menu plus a whole lot more.  Our food menu changes often so that there is always something new and different to try and we use only the best ingredients possible to make sure that our customers will be satisfied at the end of each break.

Please consider us for your Preferred Break Service and call for a consultation.  We can custom tailor our service to meet your needs and keep your employees happy and productive.