Fresh Foods

Our state of the art Refrigerated Commissary is set up with the best Food Processing and Packaging equipment available.  We start with a cold room so that all of the ingredients stay crisp and fresh during assembly.  High Speed Horizontal packaging machines put an air tight film around our products to ensure freshness.  Automated meat slicers can slice hundreds of pounds of lunch meat and cheeses to guarantee the freshest cuts onto our sandwich’s as quickly as possible.  Everyday we get a shipment of rolls from Costanzo’s Bakery fresh out of the oven.   The list goes on and on. 

Bottom Line is, we make the best Fresh Foods for your individual needs.  Whether you have a Convenient Store, Vending Company, or a Cafeteria, we can assist you in providing a top quality product profitably to your co-workers or customers. 

Contact us for information on designing a program to fit your needs.